Yumemiru Omakase

An Exclusive Omakase Sake Experience

Indulge in an extraordinary journey personally curated by Chef Jeff Okada Ramsey in collaboration with Niizawa Brewery. Prepare to elevate your senses with an exclusive sake omakase experience that will transport your evening to new heights of indulgence and refinement.

Kintsugi Yumemiru Omakase
Kintsugi Yumemiru Omakase

Experience the Essence of Triumph

As we celebrate the 1st Aniversary of Chef Ramsey’s exceptional victory on the grand stage of Iron Chef Thailand, we proudly present ‘Yumemiru’—a limited edition sake that encapsulates the very essence of dreams fulfilled. With a mere 6 bottles existing in the entire world, meticulously crafted with an astonishing 1% rice polishing ratio, each bottle symbolizes the zenith of dedication and artistry. A labor of love, every masterpiece demands an astounding 1298 hours to create.

Embodiment of Dreams in Every Sip

The name ‘Yumemiru,’ translating to ‘dream’ in Japanese, beautifully mirrors Chef Ramsey’s audacious spirit and relentless pursuit of excellence. This sake, meticulously produced by Niizawa—a paragon of excellence—harmoniously blends tradition and innovation.

Your Unforgettable Sake Omakase Experience Includes:

1 bottle of ‘Yumemiru’ by Niizawa Junmai Daiginjo
Omakase Dinner for 2 Guests
3 bottles of Niizawa’s Junmai Daiginjo

Embark on a journey that transcends mere dining; it’s an exploration of taste, refinement, and the remarkable pursuit of dreams. Reserve your ‘Yumemiru’ Sake Omakase Experience today and elevate your evening to an unforgettable altitude.

Limited availability. Book now to secure your exclusive experience.