Uniting the ceremony and seasonality of haute Japanese cuisine, our menu is thoughtfully inspired by the four seasons of Japan. With each and every seasonal menu change, our chefs incorporate various techniques and use only the finest ingredients at the peak of their freshness to deliver flavours where texture and harmony are paramount. 

Delve into the Kintsugi dining experience with our Kappo Kaiseki course, and our Sushi Kaiseki menu.


This traditional multi course menu is the art of gastronomy and sophistication taken to its peak. It is composed of a succession of exquisite dishes, each unique in ingredients, preparation, and presentation. This art of composition exhibits the chef’s mastery of various techniques and cooking methods with a focus on the freshest seasonal ingredients.


This seasonal multi-course menu is a gastronomic expression where the chefs harness the best ingredients of the season and showcase the various cooking methods in a variety of sushi served. One piece at a time.