An Autumn's Tale

The heart of our Autumn Omakase Menu beats to the rhythm of “Shokuyoku no Aki,” a beautiful Japanese expression that embodies the deep longing and desire for the flavours of autumn. This tradition echoes back to ancient Japan, where a bountiful harvest and nature’s fleeting beauty were celebrated.

Guided by this essence, Chef Jeff Okada Ramsey meticulously weaves each dish, capturing nature’s abundance and the graceful dance of the seasons. With fallen leaves’ fragrance and rustling branches as muse, Chef Ramsey‘s creations narrate a culinary tale of abundance, interweaving nature and cherished memories.

Let our menu grace your palate with nostalgic hues,, encapsulating the heartfelt promise that autumn so gracefully bestows. Join us in this celebration of nature’s bounty and the captivating spirit of the season at Kintsugi Kuala Lumpur, where the gilded seams of Kintsugi, intricately interlace the vibrant autumn flavours into an eloquent journey of taste.