Step into the enchanting realm of KINTSUGI Kuala Lumpur. Where passion and artistry intertwine to create a Modern Kaiseki dining experience specially curated by Tokyo Michelin-starred Chef Jeff Okada Ramsey and The Clearwater Group.

Whether you wish to witness culinary mastery unfold before your eyes at the coveted Chef’s Table or to explore our thoughtfully curated à la carte menu in the intimate embrace of our dining space—we offer personalized dining experiences that are tailored to you.

Just as we’ve done at Michelin Selected Kintsugi, Bangkok, we invite you to join us on a journey where every plate is as excitingly modern as it is beautifully traditional, where the art of Kaiseki cuisine is reimagined, and where culinary boundaries are transcended.

Our Philosophy

Inspired by the time-honoured Japanese Kintsugi craft of repairing broken pottery with gold, we celebrate the beauty of imperfection as we present a rich tapestry of traditional kaiseki cuisine, thoughtfully reimagined through a contemporary lens.

Guided by our philosophy, we use only the freshest, seasonal ingredients, and we carefully craft each dish to highlight its natural flavours. With every dish presented, we delicately infuse the spirit of Kintsugi. Breathing life into ingredients and transforming them into exquisite gems. Embracing the essence of metamorphosis and beauty, our creations ignite a symphony of flavours that ignite the senses.

Our Space

Celebrating the essence of traditional kaiseki cuisine with a contemporary touch, our restaurant effortlessly balances sophistication and warmth within its intimate setting. Our space features a 12-seat chef’s table, 18 seats in the dining hall, and 3 private rooms.

The award-winning architect Sim Boon Yang from architects has meticulously designed the interior, welcoming guests with a serene ambiance characterized by soothing materials and a carefully curated colour palette. A captivating element is the ceiling adorned with a carpet of ginkgo leaves, serving as a poignant tribute. These leaves symbolize the four resilient trees that survived the atomic bomb blast in Hiroshima and continue to thrive today, embodying the spirit of resilience and rejuvenation. Notably, our Executive Chef, Jeff Okada Ramsey, shares a personal connection with Hiroshima, as his mother originates from the city and was born in the same year as the tragic incident. This profound link adds an additional layer of significance to the dining experience at Kintsugi, creating an extraordinary journey that intertwines culinary artistry with a rich historical narrative.